Add a little more to your outfit!


It’s quite traditional to wear jeans with tops or pants with shirts, have you ever tried giving your outfit an extra glitz? No, well you must experiment with your clothes to stand out in the crowd. Let’s try wearing a stole with a V-neck t-shirt and shorts. If you notice, you’d look more elegant and feminine. Stoles add to the versatility of a woman’s wardrobe. Flawless quality, variations and designs make stoles the most demanding accessory for the fashion-conscious women in India.

The unbeatable variety, accompanied by great value, has created a fascinating bent among the designers around the globe. The fashion gurus themselves are trying to add more to their exclusive designs to make their creation selective and distinct. Check out the fashion shows to verify this, you’ll be surprised to see the casual and formal outfits paired with a satin or cotton or georgette cloth, wrapped around the models’ neck.

Not just stoles, these days shrugs too are taking up the major part of the fashion market. It’s not necessary that you wear a spegatti all to itself, you can easily wear a shrug over it. This is why, first, it looks smart and differentiates your outfit and secondly, it’s not safe to show off your skin, always.

You must keep accessorizing your attire to enjoy distinct looks and appearances at different times. It’s not good to follow one style of dressing. Make-overs are healthy! If you’re looking to buy some stoles or shrugs, you can find them online. Stoles and dupattas for girls are readily available online. Pick for yourself and try complementing it with your outfit.


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  1. In this intense heat, when your cloths are destroyed by sweat. It is advisable to have many sets of cloths.

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