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Select a skirt according to the occasion


Well, I am very fond of stylish and classy skirts. The best part is I can team up a skirt with shirt, casual top, and halter top and even with any kind of upper.  Most of the time in my office for any official meeting, I prefer wearing a formal skirt with a classic shirt. Moreover, when I am going out for a shopping or going to attend a casual party, I love to wear trendy and stylish casual skirt with an exclusive top.

Skirts are very comfortable and yet stylish. Be it casual get-together, formal party or official meeting, skirts are loved and worm my most of the women. There are wide ranges of choices available when it comes to selecting skirts for women. If you are fond of international brands, you can easily find all the big brands at online stores or retail stores. But, before picking up a skirt, ensure it will compliment your personality and always remember the occasion in which you are going to wear it.

One should select a perfect skirt according to the occasion, if you wear a jazzy and flairy skirt for an official meeting, no doubt you will look funny and odd one out. This kind of skirt can be worn on a casual occasions. So, it’s good to always select the dress according to the occasion otherwise you end up being a fashion disaster.


Online Shopping for Clothes


Shopping is the most performed activity by everyone in today’s world. This is because of the venues that have been provided to the public, which are large and spread to all possible locations. Initially the markets weren’t that close to residential locations but now the market span has reached the houses by means of the Internet.

It has become easy to shop jumpsuits, nightwear for women, shrugs, tops, t-shirts, jeans, and dresses online. Not just this now you will find numerous brands selling their merchandise online. For example, take AND by Anita Dongre, their creation is all over the Internet and reaching out to their customers. You can do online dress shopping and choose AND dresses online. This mode has become easier and comfortable for the people coming from different walks of life.

The development in e-commerce has made it easier for the new generation to get themselves involved in something challenging and interesting. With the advancement of social media also the e-commerce industry has taken the boost quite well. A lot of companies have now been seen actively marketing their brand and products through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, resulting to which they are generating revenue and a positive feedback from the public.

Thus, online shopping for clothes, shoes, bags etc. is the best way to shop something worthy, at better prices. The shopping experience is improving day by day with the introduction of new features and benefits. Believe it or not, you get awesome discounts and offers when you shop online. If you haven’t experienced it yet, then experience it today- the ultimate shopping online!

Prerequisites for ordering apparel online!


Online shopping has certainly become a boon for tech savvy customers. This convenient method of shopping has brought everything be it apparel, shoes, lifestyle products, books, jewelry and other things within the quick reach of customers. It has become quite popular among the young generation as a simple mouse click help owning the displayed product. Free shipping and other offers add to the shopping experience of customers. However, there are some important safety guidelines that should be followed to avoid complications at any stage of buying products online, especially when you are shopping apparels’ online. I have a good online shopping experience and therefore want everyone to follow certain prerequisites while purchasing online. Here is the list:

Purchase from reputable sellers: Ensure that you choose a reputable seller to place your order. Don’t make any assumptions just by taking a look of any company’s website. Try to research on its web popularity. Locate the physical address if possible. Make use of the contact numbers given on the website to confirm the presence of a particular web store. Always read the seller’s privacy policy and check out for return policies as well. Pay by safe payment options like Cash on Delivery to avoid any complications later.

Beware frauds: Many a times, you’ll find some highly lucrative deals over the Internet. But, take a close look as it can be a scam. Check its authenticity while searching for these kinds of deals over the Internet. Read customer reviews to make out if someone else had also used the particular deal.

Shop from a secure website: Before entering your credit card information on any shopping portal, ensure that the website is secure and will keep all your information private. Do your research before starting to shop from any website.

Exotic Ladies Nightwear!


You always wish to entice your romantic partner in some way or the other. But what other way you would find better than getting dressed in a sumptuous nightwear. You can make him go mad, just by wearing a slightly revealing nighty or a three piece night suit set. There are a lot of brands that are wholly dedicated in making the nights for romantic couples more erotic and sensuous.

If you wish to tickle your lover’s romantic instinct then tease him by not revealing yourself completely. Clad yourself in a ladies nightwear manufactured in satin as it is soft to touch and embrace the shape of your hot figure. Also, choose the color according to the mood. If you wish to have soft romantic moments with him then go for pinks and whites, for saucy and peppy time go for wearing bold colors like orange, green, yellow. And if you are looking to store some hot naughty flashes pick colors like black and wine. If you wish to look like princesses you can try out night dresses that have some stone work done. Wear something that attracts your romantic partner to be with you and look at the beautiful you.

Give him some space to explore and understand your mood. While you enjoy wearing the nightwear let him enjoy your sight. Spray his favorite fragrances on yourself and get him indulge in you completely. Make him go crazy about you just by choosing the right ladies nightwear.

That’s the best sunglass till date


Be it summer or winter, I always wear sunglasses whenever going out in days. I wear contact lenses, and to prevent dust and dirt parties to get into my eyes, I prefer to wear sunglasses. I can’t even think a day, without my shades. It is an essential part of my daily attire. That day, when I was going in an auto rickshaw, I met with an accident and my shades got damaged. It was the Sunday night, and the next day was my office.That was the first day, when I went to the office that too without protecting my eyes. Unfortunately, I only had one shade at that point of time, after that I started collecting sunglasses. Now, I have 7.

The moment I reached to the mall, the first thing, I brought was a vintage sunglass. And, that’s the best sunglass, I have till date. It’s really compliments my personality.

Choose the right accessories boys!


The word fashion has a great significance for women as they are known to keep themselves updated with the new trends. However, men are not far beyond women when it comes to dressing as per the new trends. Being a man, I can clearly state that we have transformed a lot and many things have helped us achieving the runway styles. Fashion accessories for males have definitely played an important part to grab an ubercool look. Designer ties, watches, and many other fashion add-ons are there that enhances our personality. So we should team them well with our casual and formal wears.

According to me, watch is one such stylish and functional accessory without which no guy should step out. The classic leather straps or broad metallic chains do add to those masculine looks. However, watches have been replaced with classic bracelets but even today only a few boys like to wear bracelets over watches.Plain or ties with mixed patterns are other regular embellishments for men that make those formal wears look trendier. Like girls, some boys do have a special love for jewelry items, like gold chains and rings. You can easily spot many gentleman’s wearing these fashion accessories with almost every business suit or more casual attire.

In my opinion, fashion add-ons do make you look smarter and brings a unique style to every guy out there. Hence, adore some accessories to put across the style icon within you and let everyone get envied by your unmatched fashion statement.

Stilettos for Women!


However, there are different kinds of footwear for girls like Wedges, flip-flops and formal wear, but stilettos that are most liked and worn tops the list. Women have an unending love and desire for their shoes, be it sports, casual, party or even the regular slippers, all are a necessity for them. Girls are known for their fashion, style and attitude, but are also famous for the shoe collection they maintained. I myself have 30 odd pairs!

Well, let’s understand different types of stilettos for women-

Boots- stiletto boots are the boots with heels that could range one inch to as high as seven inches. They come in three different heights short, long and cowboy style. Team them with skinny jeans and a tank top, flaunting your aviators and curves.

Platform Shoes- give the benefit of both platforms and stiletto heels. The front part of the platform shoe is made up of rubber, plastic or cork complemented by stiletto heels it becomes dressier. Pairing them up with a short dress or silhouette sculpting jeans would add a spark to your look.

Pumps- basic pumps with heels are known as stiletto pumps. They give your legs a slimmer look and go well with all kinds of attires be it formal, semi-formal or casual. Wear them with your office attire to disguise them as formal shoes.

Sandals- for a slender and taller appearance try this women’s footwear. They have an open front and go best with the traditional outfits. Bring out the sensuousness in you by flaunting your mirror-cracking figure in saree or an anarkali suit.

Buying gift for your dream woman?


Men are always confused when it comes to buying gifts for their lady love as the mysterious question of what a lady wants would probably never be revealed. The guys always feel in the middle of nowhere as they can’t make their mind about what is there in this world that can make their ladies happy. Most of the boys can be heard complaining that their girlfriend or wife has not liked the gift that they presented on the last occasion. If you are also in a dilemma of what to buy for your sweetheart, here are some gift ideas that would not lead to further disappointments:

Jewelry: Women adorn jewelry over the ages and they would never be disappointed by those beautiful Ddamas Pendants Gold, Sia Lifestyle Necklace Sets, and more. Jewelry in India has been rightly said a lady’s first love.

Fashion accessories: The next important thing, after jewelry, that makes the right gift for any lady are fashion accessories. Girls are crazy for those beautiful embellishments and you would never fail in impressing them with ladies bags, ladies purses, and wrist watches for women. So boy, if you have someone special in your life for whom you are waiting for long, express your feelings with these fashionable embellishments to hear a loud ‘yes’.

Gadgets: Hightech woman of today doesn’t want to stay back and thus they are becoming more passionate about those latest gadgets. So, guys if your lady is an active e-age woman, gift them smartphones, digicam’s, and other gadgets.

A romantic dinner: Ladies are quite romantic and they would be more than happy to know that you have arranged a surprise dinner for them. So, if it’s her birthday or any other occasion, plan a surprise dinner for her.

These gifts would be loved by your lady princess, especially fashion accessories. Make them feel special!

How saree came into existence?


A saree is said to be Indian in nature and those who have any confusions regarding its origin should know that originated in South India, about 5000 years ago. By then it has been adopted by women across the world and there are numerous styles in which this 6 meter long drape can be worn. Who have thought few yards of smooth textile would become the most graceful dress for a woman. But, time has made it the best pick for every girl, even for those who are situated poles apart from this nation. Online saree has made buying sari an easier process.

This wonderful drape has undergone several transformations since it has evolved. In ancient times, the sarees used to be quite heavy and there was a lot of sequin work and embroidery. But, now they come in soft fabrics, like chiffon, and in exciting prints. You would be amazed to see the exclusive range of online sarees presented by top traditional clothing brands. Even today, it is the most common garment for ladies in India. In rural areas, it is still the only dress that ladies wear. But, we should feel proud as this very Indian cloth has retained its identity in overgrowing modern trends. Not even in India, it has become the favorite dress for ladies in other nations as well.

Most of the Hollywood and Bollywood actresses have flaunted this traditional Indian garment at most honored places. Also, they have provided various styles to wear it. One of the many reasons for the existence of this traditional clothing could be the variety of fabrics and styles that it comes in. In my opinion, no trend can surpass the beauty of saree. So ladies wear it proudly and with much grace.