How saree came into existence?


A saree is said to be Indian in nature and those who have any confusions regarding its origin should know that originated in South India, about 5000 years ago. By then it has been adopted by women across the world and there are numerous styles in which this 6 meter long drape can be worn. Who have thought few yards of smooth textile would become the most graceful dress for a woman. But, time has made it the best pick for every girl, even for those who are situated poles apart from this nation. Online saree has made buying sari an easier process.

This wonderful drape has undergone several transformations since it has evolved. In ancient times, the sarees used to be quite heavy and there was a lot of sequin work and embroidery. But, now they come in soft fabrics, like chiffon, and in exciting prints. You would be amazed to see the exclusive range of online sarees presented by top traditional clothing brands. Even today, it is the most common garment for ladies in India. In rural areas, it is still the only dress that ladies wear. But, we should feel proud as this very Indian cloth has retained its identity in overgrowing modern trends. Not even in India, it has become the favorite dress for ladies in other nations as well.

Most of the Hollywood and Bollywood actresses have flaunted this traditional Indian garment at most honored places. Also, they have provided various styles to wear it. One of the many reasons for the existence of this traditional clothing could be the variety of fabrics and styles that it comes in. In my opinion, no trend can surpass the beauty of saree. So ladies wear it proudly and with much grace.


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