Special Valentine Gift for girlfriend will add stars to your Valentine Day!


Every year valentine day brings a lot of enthusiasm and hopes for the married couple and love birds. They wait for surprises and gifts by their loved partner. Same happens in my home-my bhabhi remains enthusiastic a week ahead of Valentine’s Day and will be busy looking for gifts at various stores. She will go to market and visit gift stores to find anything that strikes her and amuses her.

But, this time my bhaiya was seen excited for the Valentine. He had been looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for women online. His queries on what women like and what not have left me guessing about his plans. I made sure not to leak his plan as I wanted my bhabhi to really be surprised and happy on this Valentine.

It was yesterday, when one of my college friends called me to ask if my bhaiya got the size of a particular dress he had wanted from a brand store. After talking to her in detail, I came to know that my bhaiya has visited a branded outlet yesterday where my friend saw him enquiring about a particular dress and its fit.  This was really something and I was amused to know this as news that my bro was busy looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for her, my bhabhi. I suggested him to look for Valentine gifts online and he liked this idea very much. I guess he has ordered what he wanted. Crossing my fingers to meet the surprise on that day!


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