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Nehru jackets for men: Yet again in the trend!



Fashion trends come and go, some last for many years while some just disappear after few months. However, there are some trends that come in fashion after a decade or so. Nehru Collar jackets for men are yet again in the fashion trend for casual as well as semi-formal occasions. The Nehru collar jacket formed a great fashion sensation for men in 1960 that too across the world. With its bureaucrat collar — a short, stand-up collar — and tight-fitting, it was frequently worn by famous celebrities.

But, now they are evolved in a very different contemporary style and designs with the traditional touch. Many men prefer wearing Nehru jackets for occasion like engagement, wedding, etc. Hip length and made from silk or other stylish fabrics, embroidered or plain as per the occasion, the Nehru jacket is one of the hottest trend among men worldwide. These days, they are very popular among fashion-forward meh who want to make a unique style statement. Moreover, men can also choose shirts and suit coats with this collar style, it really looks very trendy, stylish and classy. However, this style is worn by both men and women today. Plus, there is no need to wear the tie with Nehru color cut. In today’s world of fashion and trend, Nehru jackets price range vary as per the styling, detailing and designing. Generally, basic Nehru collar jackets for men starts form rupees 1500.