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That’s the best sunglass till date


Be it summer or winter, I always wear sunglasses whenever going out in days. I wear contact lenses, and to prevent dust and dirt parties to get into my eyes, I prefer to wear sunglasses. I can’t even think a day, without my shades. It is an essential part of my daily attire. That day, when I was going in an auto rickshaw, I met with an accident and my shades got damaged. It was the Sunday night, and the next day was my office.That was the first day, when I went to the office that too without protecting my eyes. Unfortunately, I only had one shade at that point of time, after that I started collecting sunglasses. Now, I have 7.

The moment I reached to the mall, the first thing, I brought was a vintage sunglass. And, that’s the best sunglass, I have till date. It’s really compliments my personality.